HOIST, The Leader In Inspection, Testing And Consultant Services

We are a leading company for inspection, testing, verification and certification of all types of crane, hoisting, lifting and tubular equipment.

Our Service

Our business focuses on Lifting Gear Inspection, Load Testing, Rope Access, NDT Inspection, Oilfield Equipment Maintenance, and Tubular Inspection & Inventory Control
HOIST provides products and overseas services to provide a complete lifting solution tailored to a customer’s needs

  • Supply
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Test and Inspection
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Certification Management
  • web based facility to the client where they can view and print off reports online 

Our vast experience includes specialist programs for

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection - cranes, hoists, loose lifting equipment, offshore equipment, overhead and other structures, forklift trucks, lorry mounted, tower cranes and mobile cranes.
  • Tubular Inspection & Inventory Control
  • NDT Inspection & Pressure Systems
  • Rope Access

Our Team

Highly Trained, Qualified And Certified Engineers Who Have The Theoretical And Practical Qualifications needed
Engineers Are LEEA, NSL, Rope Access and ASNT Certified

Contact Our Highly Trained Experts On:

Email: Ops@Hoistbc.com


Our Vision, Mission and Values

  • Vision

    We know in real time how millions of lifting devices and machine tools perform. We use this knowledge around the clock to make our customers’ operations safer and more productive.

  • Mission

    We are not just Inspecting, but entire businesses.

  • Values

  • * Trust in People:

    We want to be known for our great people

    * Total Service Commitment

    We want to be known for always keeping our promises.

    * Sustained Profitability

    We want to be known as a financially sound company.